Hospitality Ministry
The Rock Church of God by Faith Hospitality Ministry's purpose is to create an atmosphere of love, fellowship, and to glorify God by extending a warm welcome to every person entering His house; to exemplify the love of God through the Holy Spirit; and laboring as servants of hospitality with all members to enhance their worship experience and magnify God.

Sisters in Action for Christ (Women's Ministry)
The purpose of the Sisters in Action for Christ (SIAFC) is to provide an atmosphere to nurture the Spiritual growth and development of women of all ages within and without the walls of the church. It also provides atmosphere to fellowship to bring about unity of the women of faith and attract women from all walks of life to bring all to the full knowledge of God through Jesus Christ.

Home Mission Ministry
The Home Mission department is designed to provide arms of help for within and without the body of Christ. This is accomplished by providing visitation to those that are sick and hospitalized or homebound; to provide financial assistance where appropriate; to assist in the labor of winning souls for the Kingdom of God; and other duties as determined by the needs of individuals or the directive of the Pastor.

Men of Standard and Integrity in Christ (Men's Ministry)
The Men of Standard and Integrity in Christ (MOSAIIC) is designed as a ministry outreach to men. Just as the acronym of our name denotes individual men that may come in different sizes, shapes and colors, but through the work of the Spirit of God, frames us to be a beautiful picture of the image of God. We are a ministry to men to help them assume their proper position within the body of Christ, their homes and their communities at large.

Grow Ministry
The GROW ministry is an outreach program to our visitors and community. The program is designed as a way to reach out to the first time visitor as well as the community at large. The purpose is to present the kindness and love of Jesus Christ through phone calls, letters, door to door visits, canvassing or other developed outreach programs. Our main goal is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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